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When there is a part of our thoughts or feelings or behaviours which we do not like, yet don't feel we have the ability to do it differently - that  part of us is said to be in shadow. Maybe its your jealousy, or your anger, or irritations. Maybe you want to be more loving and caring and sometimes you're not. Maybe you want to be able to say No when you want to, but when it comes to the crunch, you No ends up being a yes.

Maybe you said "I don't ever want to be like my mum, or dad" yet you find yourself doing things that you disliked your parents doing.

 These shadow parts were created by ourselves in our past and they hold us back from living life at our fullest potential.

Letting Go

No matter what the emotional issue is that you are facing, you have the ability to change it.

No one IS their behaviour. Anyone can choose to change their behaviour when they become aware of what is driving the behaviour that they want to change.

Our inner world is separated into different parts of ourselves. Sometimes we aren't aware of these different parts and what they really want for us.

Working with the shadow that is driving the behaviour enables people to accept and acknowledge the part of themselves that wanted to behave in that way. That part then has less control in your life and you can chose to behave in a new way.

Maybe more loving, maybe less critical or judgemental, maybe you want to feel more in control of your life, less anxiety, less stress or have more energy or feel more joy.

Whatever your emotional goal is, I can help you to find your solutions

Moving Forward

Unlike other talking based therapies like counselling, shadow work coaching sessions will enable you to resolve an emotional issue within one or two sessions.

I will guide you to explore your conscious and unconscious inner landscape. You will discover the different parts of yourself  that are driving the unwanted behaviours.

You can then go back to your life with a new level of understanding of your inner world and start to consciously choose your behaviour.


About Me

My name is Ashley Isaacs

I've worked with the ManKind Project as a facilitator since 2011 and became a one to one coach in 2014.

I'm a certified Shadow Work Coach.

I have a real passion to provide a space for people to let go of the limiting beliefs that stop them from being the best version of themselves.

I live and work near Guildford in Surrey.

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